You're a frog enthusiast visiting an area known for its unique frogs. Try to collect as many frogs as you can in one day! However, some frogs are only available for a limited time (morning, afternoon, evening), so make sure you plan accordingly. There are ten frogs in total.

Remember frogs only appear for certain time periods, so if some things aren't working they may just be asleep or not around! Try again in the correct time period as hinted by the journal.

How to Play

wasd or arrow keys to move. 

'e' to interact with items (white text pops up on interactable items). 

Tab to open and close journal. You can look at 2 hints for each frog (hint 1 is more subtle, hint 2 more obvious). Or if you'd prefer you can just explore without hints.

Once you have discovered each frog, it will appear in your journal. 

You can click on items in the inventory to use it, or press the cross to drop it.

One day lasts 10 minutes. 

Made for Mini Jam 106: Frogs with limitation: limited time over 72 hours.

I ran out of time to properly test so it is very likely that there are bugs. Please let me know if you come across any.


hidey-hermit: programming, game design, concept/misc art

jen10: art 

jezzadawg: art 

Sound fx/music from purchased assets 'casual music pack'  or under CC0 license.

Background image from purchased asset.

Known Bugs 

If you drop item into a place inaccessible (with a collider) you can't pick it up again.


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there’s a beginner trap:

the journal lists one frog as appearing at Night. but there is no Night in the game. you have to look for that frog at Afternoon.

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¡i found all the frogs! 乁(✿ᗜ✿)ㄏ

thank you very much for relaxing frog search experience, i saved screenshots of all journal pages as souvenir


Aww thanks for playing & good job finding all the frogs! So happy you enjoyed it :D 

I had Fun playing this game.  Short and Sweet.  Also Perfect for one of my Mini Lets Plays.  Good Job.

Thanks so much for playing and for the video!! It was very enjoyable to listen to your commentary, really glad you enjoyed it :D 

Sorry about the bug with the fishing game!! I'll have to check why that happened xD 

Your Very Welcome and of Course.  As for the Fishing game Bug *Giggles* It was  surprise to be sure but with game all about Frogs.  A Bug Was sure to show up. *Giggles*

yess of course! XD

lol the journal entries are great.


But you're even greater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!11!1

Deleted 161 days ago

This is such a wonderful little game I am considering taking your hand in marriage. My heart is full of both ecstasy and sadness. The dread comes from the inevitable end of the game, thank you for making such a wonderful creation.

Haha thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed playing :D