After the Pentagon failed to protect earth from the alien invaders, we were left with humanity's last hope... the Hexagon. How many waves can you survive?

Use a/d or arrow keys to rotate the hexagon. Click on the sides to assign and upgrade each module. esc to pause and m to mute.

Made for Geo Jam 2022 in 72hrs for theme 'Pick a Side'. We interpreted the theme as picking a side to assign a module. For each module, you also have to 'pick a side' on the upgrade tree. 

**Very possibly filled with heaps of bugs as we ran out of time for proper testing! Please let us know if you find any!


Each side represents a module - choose between offence, enhancer and research modules. Each module has its own upgrade tree & will die in two hits.

Offence - choose between high fire rate or piercing/higher damage bullets.

Enhancer - choose between increasing rotation speed or getting shields.

Research - choose between increasing money or getting an ability.


Defend against waves of enemies. Some have armour and take more hits to take down.


hidey-hermit: game design, programming

jen10: art 

bobbinbrick: game design, programming

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