An educational quiz on aviation related topics.

There are 45s for each question. You can right click during the answer explanation to skip it (otherwise it will continue in 20s). 

There are 6 categories with 10 questions each (60 questions total). You can add whatever combination of categories into your quiz. 

  • Flying/aerodynamics: to do with piloting & physics/what makes a plane fly
  • Meteorology: aviation-related weather questions eg. clouds, turbulence
  • Flight history: early pioneers, inventions, aviation firsts
  • Commercial aviation: airlines, commercial aircraft, regulations
  • Airplanes: specific aircraft types & their properties eg. Boeing, Airbus (& some random qs about planes that didn't fit into the other categories)
  • Airports: airports around the world, runways, ATC towers

Made while learning Unity ('s 2D unity course) for the Quiz Master project, which I then added to & modified. Sounds are from under CC0 license.

Originally made for Jerry who loves flying and all things aviation related, but he ended up helping me write the questions instead. (the name stuck though). So I ended up with a (rather niche) quiz for aviation related trivia. 

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