Please note the web version may lag with loading images/audio & there are known issues in particular browsers (Safari, webkit-based browsers) as the web build is still in Beta. 

Also note that scrolling up will backtrack your progress (this is default Ren'Py behaviour).

This was created in a week for Brackeys' Game Jam 2022.1 for theme: 'It Is Not Real'!

The Story 

In an attempt to quench your loneliness, you enrol yourself in an innovative AI-driven program designed to mimic human interaction. 

But how real could an AI really seem?

SUNNY: Virtual Companion is a short visual novel game. Can you find out the truth? 

There are a total of 8 endings (4 main arcs) to the story depending on your choices. Entire game has around ~12k words so finishing the 4 main arcs should take around 45minutes. One playthrough should be around 10-15minutes. 


We have also linked a YouTube video of the general story arcs/playthroughs with time stamps if you are curious about the different endings :) (of course we recommend you play through it first and see what you get, but we understand that repeating the game for different endings can get tedious.) 

The last chapter in the video reveals the true ending. There is also an explanation in the comments that sums up all of the endings.


heidiii: Story, code, music/sound

jen10: Art

jezzadawg: Character art (credit to tutorials,,

Software used

- Ren'Py 

- Photoshop 

- Procreate


- Audacity 

- FL Studio


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Wow, very interesting game, lots of different story arcs. Appreciate the good art. Nice work!

Thanks so much!