You're a terrible procrastinator and your responsibilities have finally caught up to you. There's a long list of tasks you need to finish in one day...  can you make it? Time is running out and the tasks aren't getting any easier...

A short game consisting of 10 10-second minigames. Your score depends on how much time you have left. Chill mode will let you progress to the end regardless of if you finish in 10 seconds; stress mode will game over if you run out of time.

I recommend playing chill mode as there is currently no kind of saving progress, so if you lose you will have to start from the beginning, and some of the minigames don't have much replayability. (I would've liked to add more variability but due to the short nature of the jam did not have time).

Made for the Newbies Game Jam 2022 in around 10 days for the theme 'minimalism'. I interpreted the theme by using minigames, each with minimal controls and minimal time

Software Used

  • Unity 
  • Photoshop 
  • Adobe Audition


Programming and art by me, music from 'casual music pack' in Unity Asset store (unfortunately I didn't have time to do my own music). SFX either from purchased assets or (CC0) which I then edited.

Known Bugs/ Things to improve

Some things I didn't have time to address. Please let me know if you come across any. Any feedback for improvements is also appreciated! These are the ones I have jotted down to keep note:  

  • If playing not full-screen in webGL, if you drag items out of the screen in the bin game you cannot progress.
  • 'Sachet' is misspelled woops - will change after the jam. 
  • Sometimes the dishes will be cleaned but not progress. Try to keep dragging your mouse over the dish. 
  • More feedback to indicate player is not on the right track/to make UI more responsive. Eg. bolding buttons on hover, shaking words to type. 
  • More variation/randomness for replayability. 


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I'm stuck at the home assignment with the 50% paper. How do I write?

Great game by the way!


Extremely late reply sorry! But for anyone still wondering (solution below): 

Click format -> margins -> wide, and 

Format -> font size -> 30 

This is meant to show artificially getting it to one page last minute by changing the formatting (and not the content)!

Also add in the student ID in the input box as given in the sticky note.

Hope that's clear for anyone who gets stuck! I know it is not immediately clear that the buttons are clickable.

Thanks for playing! 

So fun!! Lots of different mini games and was actually trickier than I expected.

Thanks jen xd 

376 :P